one match fire started in Lethbridge, Alberta in the fall of 2012. I am now one match fire off-the-grid on a small west coast island in British Columbia, accessible by self-propelled means – a great adventure! Since moving here I have worked remotely with a number of clients, mainly using the power of the sun.

I am on a quest to learn more about the traditional Coast Salish territory and the Snuneymuxw, Lyackson, Penelakut and other Hul’qumi’num people whose unceded land I live on, with gratitude, and what I can do to respect the land and play a role in reconciliation. An important online resource is Native-Land.ca 


Award-winning graphic design and communications have been at the forefront of my work for more than 25 years. I am well-versed in and have lectured on building awareness campaigns both on and offline, creating all forms of frontline and behind-the-scenes communication materials, and specialize in two-dimensional exhibit design.

I am particularly fond of working with museums and non-profits, with 22+ years experience in all aspects of public engagement for two cultural institutions on the prairies.

As Marketing/Communications Officer at the Galt Museum & Archives in Lethbridge [2004-2015] I was responsible for the communication of, networking about, and design work around all its goings on. I worked in a similar capacity as Head of Public Relations at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery [1992-2003].

I hold a BFA [Art] from the University of Lethbridge. My graphic design work started at the campus newspaper The Meliorist with editorial cartoons and ad design, then as production manager/layout artist. I now dabble in illustration, wet felting, knitting, beach combing, swimming and kayaking, and maintaining our victory garden.

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building a one match fire
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ONE MATCH FIRE inspiration

I credit my mom Trudy (1934-2019) for her tenacity – getting a fire started with a single match is a form of art! She taught me the foundations of preparing a one match fire: gathering the perfect selection of tinder and kindling, building up a solid structure around it with just the right amount of wood, leaving enough space for air to circulate… the reward of this care and attention informs my work.

I will always be grateful for her guidance and zest for life, and for the sage advice and creativity my dad Wim (1929-2004) provided – I miss the spark in his eyes!


Sparkler photo by Jeremy Bishop on unsplash